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Ann Aiken is the Proprietor of Promised Land Acres, Caterer Extraordinaire and dedicated Cheese Monger.

She has been providing her special form of Hospitality to the Central Texas Hill Country since 1997.

From Community Service to Fund Raising; Meals for the unfortunate to full Event Planning & Execution; if it involves food, Ann gets involved. And when she gets involved, people get happy!

She has embraced her passion as her career and the services she provides are many and varied. But they all involve Food, Love & Entertainment 

  • Fresh Hand Prepared Delivered Meals

  • Private Catering

  • Public Event Planning & Execution

  • Fund Raising Events

  • Talent & Services Acquisition

  • Musicians

  • Professional Photography

  • Photo Booth

  • TABC Certified Bartenders

  • and much more...

If it involves People and Hospitality she has Been There; Done That; and Got the T-Shirt. All with loving care and a servant's heart.

Feel free to contact her for a memorable experience.

Most of the time you end up more of a Dear Friend rather than just a Client.


Caterer Extraordinaire &
Cheese Monger

Ann Aiken

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